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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don't miss out on these hidden gems!

What's cooking at The Homestead...
Mexican Street Pizza image
Mexican Street Pizza
This dish. Ohh, this dish!
Its menu description does not do it justice.
"Chargrilled flour tortilla, queso Oaxaca, Vermont cheddar, Monterey jack, melted and finished with lime crema and pico de gallo"

It's our Mexican Street Pizza, and it is an unassuming option nestled in the middle of our regular lunch menu. You've probably passed it over without much of a thought. But give it a thought next time. It's cheesy, it's crunchy, it's deliciously savory and surprisingly light. Almost like one big nacho but better. And the black beans it's served with are the perfect complement. It's a must try. And then a must have... again and again and... (you get the point here!)
Rustica image
Ziti, Local Sausage, and Peppers Rustica
Another unassuming, must-try dish, this time from our dinner menu, is our Ziti, Local Sausage, and Peppers Rustica.

It's a delicious, warm, comforting, cheese-topped pile of pasta and sausage goodness, baked right in the serving plate! 

We all love the exciting specials, but lets not let these hidden gems, that are on our regular menus, go unnoticed and unappreciated. They, too, will knock your socks off!